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Todays lashes

Red Cherry in (I do believe) 100.

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my most recent purchases :

also, how long do you ladies wear your lashes for? Like how many uses can you get out of a set?

Feb. 16th, 2008

I found this community and then a day later I found a place that sells Red Cherry lashes for $1.30 and it's only twenty minutes away from my school :/
this could pose a HUGE problem on my bank account.
I'm Zoie, I'm 18, and the bigger the lashes the better :D
hey you guys, a girl on my friends list showed this to me...
ok this is freaking me out. the korean lashes came with TWO sets of glue and cryptic instructions that have a color coded step one and step two.


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how do you apply the glue to your lashes?

i always tried to squeeze a thin line on the lashes themselves straight from the tube, but the other day i saw some tutorial where the lady put the glue on her hand, then kind of wiped the lash band through the glue puddle. today i got curious so i tried it that way and it was almost perfect. i dont know if it was the method or just good lash luck but yeah. i had a sticky hand afterwards though.

Feb. 1st, 2008

this is two sets of lashes together, one of the korean pairs (p7 from the pics in my collection below) and one cheapy cross weaved sparkle choked pair from target that i was using just to bulk them up that i forgot i had.

one eye with lashes one without! this should be a pic posting requirementCollapse )
Best liquid eyeliner to wear with the fake eyelashes? I vote Revlon Colorstay but I haven't tried that many. I've lost my liner and am VERY VERY SAD trying to compensate with cheapy pencil.

Jan. 29th, 2008

ok, ill start the community off with a few pics of my collection to date. the first few pics where just accumulated over the years while the last pic is a batch my husband brought home for me after a business trip to korea.
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